601 - Nursing Bra
601 - Nursing Bra
601 - Nursing Bra
601 - Nursing Bra
601 - Nursing Bra

601 - Nursing Bra


Beautiful, pure and supportive 100% organic pima cotton bra with

Adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable back strap,

Made in Canada from 100% organic Pima cotton grown in the US. Sweatshop-free.  No Lycra, No Spandex, No Latex  Unbleached Undyed and NO UNDERWIRE, NO padding.

Sizes:  34 A, B, C, D,

            36 A, B, C, D

            38 B, C, D,

            40 B, C, D,  

Color: Ecru Natural (unbleached and undyed)

Care: Machine wash using mild biodegradable detergent.  We recommend using our wash bags to ensure loner life of the product. Lay flat to dry.  If you must, tumble dry on low/gentle cycle and remove before the bra is completely dry.

What a beautiful, pure and supportive 100% organic pima cotton bra.  Great clean lines with all the right feminine touches.  100% organic pima cotton interlock fabric (ultra soft and cozy).  100% organic pima cotton covered back straps.  The lace is also made from 100% organic cotton yarns. 



1.)    100% organic Pima Cotton grown in the US

2.)   Lace made from 100% organic cotton from the US.

3.)   The back strap is completely overwrapped with 100% pima cotton.  It has two elastic strands running, 50% poly and 50% rubber, running inside the protective organic pima cotton giving you both protection and the support you need for larger cup sizes

4.)   The 100% organic pima cotton shoulder straps are wider for the larger cup size to give the additional support required.

5.)   The hook and eye system is adjustable and made of rugged poly to withstand the strain and provide support.  

6.)   Made in Canada, Fabric made in Canada and 100% organic pima cotton grown in the US in sweatshop-free environments.